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Students of CPC are not permitted to carry (either openly or in a concealed manner) any firearms while on the Company’s premises, while at clinical sites or other school locations on school business, while in Company vehicles, or while attending as a student at any school related activities, meetings or functions. This prohibition against the possession or carrying of firearms applies even if the student is licensed to carry a concealed handgun or to openly carry a handgun by the State of Texas. Students are permitted to transport and store in a safe and discrete manner a legal firearm and ammunition in a personal vehicle while the vehicle is in the School parking lot.

If there is reasonable suspicion that a student is carrying a handgun on campus or in other prohibited locations, CPC Security will have permission to search the student’s belongings. Furthermore, if a student violates this policy they will be expelled. This policy is intended to comply with all applicable state laws concerning student rights to possess and carry firearms and shall be interpreted and enforced accordingly.



The stipend lists are distributed on or by the first Friday of each month. The lists are distributed to the SSCs, Financial Aid Department, and the Loans Department. The lists are also posted on the student portal and Canvas.

You MUST check the stipend list(s) to see if your name appears on the list and/or to see if you have an “X” marked in any of the columns. If your name does not appear on the list or you have an “X” marked in any of the columns, please see your SSC.

PLEASE NOTE: Your SSC will have a deadline to get all corrections to the Accounting Department prior to Stipend Day. Any corrections received after the deadline, will be updated for next month’s stipend list(s).

Unfortunately, if you fail to check the stipend list(s) and discover that you do not have a check on Stipend Day, you will not be issued a check for that month. Please note that you will not be issued two checks the following month because you missed the prior month. You will be issued the regular stipend amount on the regular Stipend Day.

If any questions, please see your SSC.

If you receive a transportation check your attendance must be at least 75%. Check if you are eligible for your stipend by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions please speak with your SSC immediately.


Graduation RSVP

Lecture Scheduler

Diploma Scheduling Policy

2015 Stipend Calendar

April Stipend List

STAT!Ref Resources

Spencer Lane Security Information     Fredericksburg Road Security Information     Austin Security Information     Tulsa Security Information

Notice of Student Complaint Policy

Release of Personal Information Waiver

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

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